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Curriculum Leader: Mr R Davies

Other Staff members: Ms A Hibberd


Business is an exciting and dynamic subject! Students following a programme of study in Applied Business will be given opportunities to learn about the business world in an interesting and practical way. There is a significant emphasis on ‘applying’ what you learn to real businesses to see what happens in practice. That is why the courses studied at both GCSE and GCE level are called ‘Applied’ Business. It is very much hoped that students will enjoy finding out how businesses operate today, as well as discovering how the actions of different businesses can affect us in our everyday lives. Many students who have successfully achieved GCSE at KS4 have been so interested in the subject that they have gone on to learn more by studying the subject at GCE Applied Business.

GCSE Applied Business (Double Award)


This course will help students to enjoy and understand the world of business today. It will bring alive the many different dimensions of the business world, with lots of real life examples. Pupils will investigate many different aspects of business, but they will fall under the following main headings:


£     Investigate How Businesses Work

£     Financial Records

£     Investigating people, Business and Change

£     Financial Planning and Forecasting


Pupils will spend a good deal of time carrying out research work for their portfolio and will be expected to make extensive use of internet facilities as well as the ‘Business Interactive’ programme.


The course is a Double Award – equivalent to two GCSE grades, and will be graded on the same A* - G scale.


GCE Applied Business


Students who embark on this course will usually have an interest in exploring the world of business in a highly practical way. Students will enjoy this course if they would like to:


€     Develop an understanding of how business works in the real world

€     Discover the problems and opportunities faced by local, national and international businesses

€     Have an opportunity to organise an enterprise activity

€     Learn about how external factors, such as legal, economic, environmental and technological influence the way in which businesses operate

€     Learn about how businesses motivate their employees and the importance of team work in today’s business world

€     Learn how to prepare a realistic business plan for a potential business idea


Not only is the course highly interesting, but the GCE in Applied Business qualifies for UCAS points and will enable students to move on to study for degree or BTEC Higher National Diploma. Students could also go on to a Modern Apprenticeship in related subjects such as Administration of Management or on to relevant employment.

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