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Catering and Hospitality are subjects that are for life: all of us need food to sustain us and eating food, particularly dining out, is seen as an enjoyable experience. These subjects are important as it helps students gain an insight into the potential that can be achieved through home cooking: in flavour, nutrition and financial saving. Through practical application pupils gain an understanding of the dietary needs of individuals, develop the qualities of creativity and aesthetic appreciation as well as having an interest in, and enjoyment of, food preparation. To create a love of cooking.


The Catering and Hospitality department presents a stimulating and meaningful learning experience for students, both in the kitchen and the classroom environment. It aims to provide them with opportunities to develop their practical skills and carry out research from a variety of sources whilst also reflecting on their learning. The courses incorporate ICT and other transferable key skills, essential for equipping students for lifelong learning.  





The department is made up of a specialist catering area with excellent facilities for practical work, including 9 workstations, a purpose built workstation for DDA (disability direct access) and an industrial kitchen unit for use in Key stage 4 and 5. There is also a dedicated teaching area including 21 fully networked computers.


Key Stage 3


Food is part of Design Technology, a core subject at KS3 with pupils having 1 lesson per fortnight as part of a programme which also includes having 1 lesson per fortnight in other areas of design technology. The programme focuses on developing skills – literacy, numeracy, ICT, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and independent learning, with a strong emphasis on the awareness of health and safety.



Key Stage 4


Hospitality is an exciting new BTEC course that has been introduced since September 2010. GCSEs  are not be the only education route that leads to university or a successful career, this course offers applied learning related to work. Students study real-life, work-based case studies and complete projects and assessments, which contribute to them achieving the qualification. The main focus will be on contemporary world food - the aim of this unit is to enable learners to gain knowledge of the equipment, food items, methods and styles used to prepare and cook selected contemporary world dishes and the skills required to prepare, cook, present and review them.  As part of the course students will serve a meal to the governing body or primary head teachers form under restaurant conditions and host a hospitality event (SVP Christmas mass and meal etc.) Students may also be given the opportunity to participate in a week long “Teen Cuisine” course at Deeside College or interschool ‘Masterchef’ competition.


BTEC Assessment and Grading Criteria


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