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As you will be aware, the 2016 Estyn inspection called for a review of the schools’ current performance and the schools prospects for improvement including the leadership of the school.  One of the consequences of looking at how the school is managed and governed has been a decision to stand down the current Governing Body and set up an Interim Executive Board (IEB) to be in place until August 2018. From this date the IEB will cease and a new Governing Body will be put back in place. Permission to form an IEB has now come from Welsh Government following an application from the Local Authority fully supported by the Diocese.


An Interim Executive Board (IEB) is a body appointed on a short-term basis to turn around a school that is judged to be in urgent need of improvement thus replacing the existing governing body.

The IEB has now been formed and has had its first meeting on 19th June and will meet monthly from then on.  The monthly frequency will ensure the school is enabled to take swift actions to tackle the following areas of performance: -


·         Continuing to raise the schools’ standards and performance, including ongoing delivery of the Post Inspection Action Plan,

·         Robust financial management of the school, and

·         Ensuring that the school has the appropriate staffing structures and capabilities in place.


The members of the IEB are: Ray Wells, who is a National Advisor of Schools Governance and is Deputy Chair of the IEB; Canon Doyle, Heidi Roe, Josey Snowden, Margaret Hanson, Nicola Ellis and myself, John Callan, who will perform the role as Chair.


On behalf of the IEB I would like to thank you for all your parental support the school. The IEB team is fully committed to maintain and supporting the schools improvement and the ultimate measure of removing the special measure status and having Saint Richard Gwyn recognised formally by Estyn as being the outstanding school it’s potential deserves.




John Callan

Chair, Interim Executive Board

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