Gwyn News 2017-2018

This page is solely devoted to the 2017-2018 Gwyn News Articles.


You can download any of the Gwyn news sent home from school and read them at your convenience.


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Edition 6th July 2018

Edition 8th September 2017

Edition 6th October 2017

Edition 1st December 2017

Edition 15th September 2017

Edition 13th October 2017

Edition 15th December 2017

Edition 9th February 2018

Edition 23rd February 2018

Edition 20th April 2018

Edition 11th May 2018

Edition 29th June 2018

Special Edition September 2017

Edition 22nd September 2017

Edition 26th October 2017

Edition 22nd December 2017

Edition 29th September 2017

Edition 17th November 2017

Edition 18th January 2018

Edition 9th March 2018

Edition 23rd March 2018

Edition 25th May 2018

Edition 15th June 2018


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