At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, we undertook a review of our school Marking and Assessment Policy as part of our continuing whole school development and improvement.  Research into marking and assessment shows that pupils benefit the most when they are given time to not only read comments made on a piece of work, but to act upon it.  In our Marking and Assessment Policy as of 2016-2017, pupil use of purple pen to respond to marking and to make improvement to their work, following the feedback from their teacher in the form of What Went Well (WWW) and Even Better If (EBI), was established.  Following the success and positive impact this has had, we have strengthened this within the policy.  


As a result of this research and collaboration with staff, pupils, parents and governors, our whole school Marking and Assessment Policy has been adapted to enable staff and pupils time to focus on richly marked pieces of work so that more time can be dedicated to improving the quality of work produced.  As a result, not all pieces of work will be marked by the teacher, so there will be more whole class feedback, peer marking and feedback stickers/sheets amongst other feedback tools.  A richly marked piece of work will be completed at least every 3 weeks in subjects where pupils receive at least 2 lessons per week.


Flexibility for different departments has been incorporated into the policy to acknowledge the different skills that are assessed for literacy based subjects and practical subjects.  Each department has produced a plan as to when tasks will be richly marked and what the task will be.  A few departments will be updating the assessed tasks at each half term due to overhauling schemes of work.  Please note that some tasks and assessment periods may vary from the plans below - good teaching and learning requires that tasks, assessments and lessons be adapted in order to suit the needs of the learners in each class.

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