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Croeso i'r Adran Seicoleg


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What is Psychology?


"Psychology is the understanding of human behaviour”.

‘The science of mental life’. William James

‘The science of mind and behaviour’.


The principles of psychology enable us to understand behaviour- vital in the world’s current climate.


The OCR Psychology Course:


§  The course aims to stimulate and develop your enjoyment, enthusiasm for psychology

§  Develop and demonstrate practical and research skills

§  Develop knowledge and understanding of the different areas of psychology and how they relate to each other

§  Appreciate how the subject develops and how its applications interact with changes in human attitude and behaviour

§  Recognise the value, use and misuse of the subject in society


AS Units & Assessment


Unit 1 Psychology : Past to Present


1 hour 30 minutes written examination

20% of qualification


Unit 2: Psychology : Exploring Behaviour 


1 hour 30 minutes written examination

20% of qualification



A2 Units & Assessment

Unit 3 Psychology : Implications in the Real World 


2 hours 30 minutes written examination

40% of qualification


Unit 2 Psychology : Applied Research Methods 


2 hours 30 minutes written examination

25% 20% of qualification 


Resources and useful websites;


WJEC Psychology; The Complete Companion Student Book ISBN : 978-0-19-835917-3


Google Classroom - Log ins given to pupils when they begin the course to access the materials.


So where Next?


Students with AS or Advanced Psychology have access to a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities. Possible careers can include: Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Social Work, Teaching, Counselling, Child Development, Speech Therapist, Management, Public Relations


Or students could continue to study in: Applied Psychology, Health & Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Sports Psychology 




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