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Croeso i Adran y Cymraeg


Curriculum Leader: Mr S H Davies

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Yr Adran – The Department

In the Welsh department at St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School, our focus is on supporting the pupils to speak and converse in Welsh.  In order to fully appreciate a language, it is vital that pupils are able to have conversations in Welsh in a variety of different circumstances.  This emphasis helps pupils to improve their confidence when speaking, not just in Welsh, but in any language.

Throughout their learning journey, pupils not only learn the language, but learn about Welsh culture as well. One of the highlights of the school calendar is the school Eisteddfod for year 7 and 8 pupils.  The Eisteddfod is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the wealth of talent within the school in a Welsh context.  The house that gains the most points wins.  In the run up to this event, pupils learn about Welsh culture and what it is to them and all departments in the school join in with Welsh themed activities and competitions.


The department also has very strong connections with the feeder primary schools.  Each year a year 5/6 More Able and Talented afternoon is held at the school where a group of pupils from each school attends to have fun and be challenged with their Welsh.  The curriculum leader also visits them later in the year to teach a lesson.  We also extend an invite to our school Eisteddfod for pupils from our feeder primary schools to join us with our celebrations.

Welsh is a subject which isn’t just important within the Welsh classroom and in the school environment. The department gives pupils plenty of opportunities to go on a variety of educational visits and experiences. Year 9 pupils have a day focused upon Cymraeg yn y Dyfodol (Welsh in the Future).  The Welsh department also plays a big role in Enrichment Week, with year 7 and 8 pupils visiting the Llangollen International Eisteddfod. Many pupils take up the excellent opportunity to go on these visits, enabling them to use their Welsh outside of the classroom environment and visit the many places where Welsh is embraced and used.

Not only do pupils enjoy attending Welsh lessons, but there is also a very clear purpose to the subject.  Welsh is becoming ever more sought after by employers in Wales, with knowledge in the language a desirable skill for many companies.  According to a study completed by the School of Management and Business at Aberystwyth University, people who speak both Welsh and English earn on average 10% more than those who speak only English.


Cyfnod Allweddol 3 – Key Stage 3

Blwyddyn 7 – Year 7

  • Croeso i’r Ysgol – Welcome to the school

  • Gramadeg – Grammar

  • Diwylliant Cymru – Welsh Culture

  • Gwyliau – Holidays

  • Teulu – Family

  • Fi Fy Hun - Myself


Blwyddyn 8 – Year 8

  • Gramadeg 3ydd Person – 3rd Person Grammar

  • Anifeiliaid Anwes – Pets

  • Diwylliant Cymru – Welsh Culture

  • Ardal – Area

  • Ffasiwn a Siopa – Fashion and Shopping


Blwyddyn 9 – Year 9

  • Hamddena – Leisure time

  • Enwogion Cymru – Famous Welsh People

  • Asesiad Gr┼Áp Llafar – Group Speaking Assessment

  • Technoleg – Technology

  • Byd Gwaith – World of Work


Cyfnod Allweddol 4 – Key Stage 4

The GCSE results of the Welsh department are very good, with the number of pupils achieving the highest A/A* grades is at its highest ever with 24% of pupils attaining these grades in 2019.


Pupils complete one of the GCSE speaking assessments in year 10, and then complete the other in the April of year 11.  They then sit both of their Welsh written exams in the year 11 summer term. The topics studied are outlined in the WJEC course syllabus.


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