Work Experience 

Work Experience 2020


Work Experience Year 12


July 6th - 10th 2020




Work experience should help the students involved to understand how an employing organisation functions and;

  • experience a working environment at first hand.

  • experience and have the opportunity to develop social relationships in a working environment.

  • understand issues of Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities.

  • discover and experience the expectations that employers and employees have of fellow workers. 

  • gain the self confidence required in an adult world.

  • develop the skills and knowledge required for adult life.

  • develop a positive attitude towards their school studies by seeing the application of those studies in a working environment


Placing, Organisation and Preparation

All placements that have been used for work experience have been health and safety checked by Work Experience Coordinators. All employers have been provided with the detailed documentation available from school and other information detailing the aims and objectives of work experience and the responsibilities of those involved. All placements are contacted by a member of staff during the student's placement, either in person or by phone, so that detailed discussions can take place.


Placements can be organised in the following ways:

1. Each student must check that their chosen place of employment is on the school database of employers (please see Mrs Carr)

2. When this is done, the student must contact the employer to check whether the placement is available.

3. After this has been done the student needs to take the Employer Acceptance Form/Risk Assessment and Employer Information form to the employer.

4. The employer must complete the Employer Acceptance Form and Risk Assessment. These are to be returned to Mrs Carr. 

5. When these AND the Parent Acceptance Form are returned to school, the school coordinator will change the status of the placement to Employer Accepted

6. If the initial request by the student to the employer results in the employer not agreeing to the request, the student must secure alternative work experience arrangements.

7. It is essential that each student begins the process as soon as possible.

1. Students in Year 12 will be going on Work Experience 6 - 10th July
2. In the weeks leading up to the placement students should contact their employer to check on a variety of issues to do with their placement. This may include: start times, end times, lunchtime arrangements (all students must remain on site at this time, what to wear, who to report to on the first day and any other relevant points. It is also advisable to give the employer your contact details.
3. Students will be given a preparation session in school.
4. Students will be given a Health and Safety in Work presentation.
5. All students who are working with young people or vulnerable adults will also have a safeguarding presentation.
6. Students will be been given a copy of their work placement risk assessment. This should be given to parents. If any parent does not
received this before the placement, please contact school.
7. If a student has any relevant health issues, it is parental responsibility to contact the employer and pass this information to them.
We are not allowed to do so from school.

8. All documents relating to work experience are available on the school web site.
9. Employers will give each student an induction session on their first day to go through the details of their placement including further health and safety instructions. If this does not take place, please inform us at school.
10. Students will be visited by either SRG staff during the week or a phone call will be made to their employer to monitor their progress.
11. It is important that parents have organised transport to and from the placement for their child.
12. It is also important that students inform their employer AND St Richard Gwyn if they are absent for any reason.
13. If a student is on placement in a school, and that school asks them to assist on a school trip, the student should ask their parents to complete all the necessary permission forms. These will be provided by the work placement school and returned to them (usually a permission letter and form 4 see below).

Please contact Mrs Carr or Mr Crawley if you need any further assistance.

Find all relevant Work Experience Forms by following the link below:

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