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St Richard Gwyn's uniform is compulsory and is designed to be practical and inexpensive. We believe it can instil pride, support positive behaviour and discipline. 




Uniform Policy

School Uniform and Appearance

At St Richard Gwyn, uniform is compulsory and is designed as practical and inexpensive. We believe uniform can instil pride; support positive behaviour and discipline; encourage identity with, and support for,  our school ethos; ensure students of all races and backgrounds feel welcome; protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and nurture cohesion and promote good relations between different groups of young people. Above all, like many schools, we believe that school uniform supports effective teaching and learning.

The expectations of the school are based on fairness backed by a strict application of our standards. When students fail to follow this policy they send out a message that they disregard the majority who comply with regulations. Sanctions may be applied when students do not wear full uniform and whose appearance does not meet our exacting standards. In the case of a genuine emergency we require a note of explanation to be written to the appropriate Director of Learning with an indication that the uniform issue will be rectified swiftly.

Our uniform is sustainably sourced from ethically accredited suppliers. Items are selected for their practical and hard wearing qualities, and some items may be purchased from other outlets. In order to ensure the correct style and cut of some items of uniform, these should only be bought from the supplier and will have the school logo embroidered on to allow us to check and maintain our high standards.

The following uniform was approved and adopted by the Governing Body of St Richard Gwyn in 2013 after consultation with all stakeholders.



* Sky blue revere blouse

* Black standard school trousers with embroidered school logo**

* Kilt in school design to be worn just below the knee*

* Navy V necked sweatshirt/sweater/sleeveless top with school logo*

* Blazer (French navy with school logo embroidered on the lapel in year colour)*

* Socks (dark) or tights (black or navy only)

* Black shoes


* Sky blue shirt and school tie incorporating year colour*

* Black trousers

* Navy V necked sweatshirt/sweater/sleeveless top with school logo*

* Socks (plain black or navy)

* Black shoes

* Blazer (French navy)*


All items can be purchased from Forrester Sports, Mold. Embroidery will be done free of charge by Forrester Sports on school approved trousers. 

All items including school bags should be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name.

We are always happy to provide further clarification regarding uniform rules and encourage parents/carers to contact the appropriate Head of Year before a purchase is made if there is any uncertainty.

Full uniform must be worn to and from school.

Shoes Shoes should provide protection for the foot and toes. They should have strong soles, solid and substantial heels, lace or buckle fastening and uppers which protect the whole of the foot. Shoes judged as NOT suitable for school include, shoes with logos, open toes, high or platform heels and soles, narrow heels, shoes with a “sling back” or mules, fashion boots, ballet pumps and canvas shoes. Boots and shoes with heavy soles and hiking boots are NOT acceptable for school. Trainers are NOT allowed as school wear (but may be allowed at lunchtime at the discretion of the Headteacher for games on the yard or field).

Shirts Denim is NOT acceptable nor are button-down collars or “Ben Sherman” styles. Shirts and blouses must be fully tucked in at all times.

Ties Ties are clip-on, incorporate the year colour and must be worn at all times

Skirts Only the school kilt style skirt is acceptable and must be worn just below the knee.

Trousers These must be black school style trousers as fashion styles are NOT acceptable for boys or girls. The following are NOT allowed for school wear; skinny style, jogging bottoms, leggings, flares and loose or baggy styles. Girl’s trousers should be purchased from Forrester Sports and are available in a variety of acceptable styles all embroidered with the school logo.

Out door coats In cold weather the students should wear a plain black or navy outdoor coat over their school blazer. Wearing other jumpers or hooded tops under their blazer is NOT acceptable. This includes the journey to and from school.

Hairstyles Hair should be a normal length and a natural colour. Extremes which are NOT allowed in school include very long or very short hair (known as a “number one”) dyed and two tone styles. Long hair should always be tied back in school. Hair accessories should be kept to a minimum and must be plain black or navy.

Clarification; no Mohicans; chiselled designs including partings; Samurai.  Faces must be clean shaven at KS2 &3

Jewellery Jewellery is NOT allowed in school. A wrist watch may be worn but the school is unable to take responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.

Make up Make up and nail polish is NOT allowed in school.


Physical Education Kit 


* Reversible Rugby shirt with school logo 

* Polo t-shirt with school logo 

* Navy blue shorts 

* Navy blue 3/4 socks 

* Trainers


* Reversible Rugby shirt with school logo 

* Polo t-shirt with school logo 

* Navy blue shorts 

* Navy blue 3/4 socks 

* Trainers/Football Boots 


* Towel 

* Gum shield 

* Shin Pads


* 3/4 Zip Tracksuit Top with school logo 

* Tracksuit trousers with school logo